Net Worth Tracker | February 2014 [Up $9,000! + Debt Free]

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February may be short in days, but it was big for us in wins.

To say February was, overall, kind to us is a major understatement.

Let’s jump into February’s net worth update.


Welcome to Net Worth Warrior and another month of our net worth updates.

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If you’re new to Net Worth Warrior, there are a couple major reasons why I show my net worth to the world. The biggest being the accountability that comes with keeping you updated on how our net worth is growing.

I strongly suggest you start a net worth tracker at home with your family. It is incredibly beneficial to truly seeing where you stand and catching your pitfalls before heading down a path to nowhere. I was heading nowhere until I started this tracker and it’s okay if you are/were in the same place as I was. It’s just a matter of starting TODAY.

What Went Down in February

We had some good feelings going into February that things were going to be hitting some high notes.

First, we knew we would get some money back on our taxes. That came in nicely and took care of some semi-annual bills as well as some of our consumer debt.

Then, we got an okay bonus (no complaints for extra money no matter how small or big). That bonus helped us finish off our debt. Yes, we are debt free {minus the mortgage}.

Getting out of debt took too long for how small our debt was, but each setback, we pushed forward in one way or another and here we are…debt free.

Lastly, despite some small downturns in my 401k performance, I had my profit sharing bonus hit in February which gave us a nice bump in our investments.

Now, let’s jump into the numbers…

Net Worth | February 2014


In the green is always good. Hopefully, we can knock out some bigger numbers in the near future.


  • Home Value | $216,500 – This is the happy medium between Trulia and Zillow. You can argue one way or another as to this be smart or dumb math, but for now, it’s a good measure based on other homes selling around us. This was a huge jump in our net worth.
  • 401k | $9,409.43 – Received my profit sharing bonus this month. The actual performance wasn’t stellar, but the bonus definitely gave us this nice bump in invested assets.
  • Auto’s Value | $29,339 – The big hit this month, but not much can be done regarding this. I actually dropped the KBB evaluation to lower levels on both cars as more of a check for inflated KBB numbers. Who really knows what we can sell our cars for. I’m contemplating removing these values going forward, but for now, dropping them a bit seems fair. Won’t reevaluate again for a few months if at all.
  • Cash Money | $436.98 - With family in town for our little guy’s 1st birthday, expenses kind of took off on us. We were hosting the party and family so we knew it would.
  • Savings (Emergency Fund) | $1,000.00 – Short term wise, this will stay the same for any big time emergency’s.


  • Home Mortgage | $161,452.78 – I have to keep reminding myself that some progress is better than no progress. Small chips at the principle seem very small in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully sooner than later, we can start attacking this some more.
  • Credit Cards | $0 – Zilch. Nada. Zero. No more damn credit card debt. We are back to paying for $50 or more items on the credit card (for airline miles) and running home to pay the damn amount right out of our checking ASAP.

Big Takeaway’s from February Progress

  • We are debt free minus the mortgage. We are far from underwater on the home so even if my home value seems inflated, we are still in the black. Being debt free is a nice burden off our shoulders.
  • We are starting to generate more income online and the wife has some huge opportunities come through on her blog. This should start bringing more into our savings and then investable assets. Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!

February was a kind month for us. Not all will be that way, but when they do, stop and smell the roses for a few moments.

Until next month…

4 Responses to Net Worth Tracker | February 2014 [Up $9,000! + Debt Free]

  1. Calculating our network always leaves me a little frustrated because our house is STILL evaluated at less than what we paid for it 10 years ago when we built it. The housing market just hasn’t recovered enough yet!

  2. So inspiring to see you clear off that debt, congratulations!

  3. Zenbote says:

    Have you got any plans on what to tackle next? 300/m extra for mortage, assuming its penalty free and 200/m in a 529 for your kids education?

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